This year we are running an international version of I’m a Councillor alongside the 30 plus UK councils already signed up to the event.  In the second week of the fortnight students will be able to also access a second version of the site where they will be able to read what local politicians from around the world do to engage their young people.

We’ve recently sent a letter to 40 embassies in London inviting them to nominate a politician to be one of the five who appear on the site.

It was fun to note that the first embassy to respond was the country where it all started, Greece, and the second was a country whose democratic credentials get a poor press in the UK: China. 

If we don’t get enough embassies responding we will be recruiting from existing contacts but if anyone out there has an interesting politician to recommend we’ll certainly take a look.  Please email with your suggestions or leave them in the Comments.


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