There is still an outdated stereotype of heavy web-users being anti-social and introverted. "Go out and get yourself a life."

Over the last few weeks as we've been looking at other science engagement events and comparing them to I'm a Scientist it struck me that in our case online is so much more sociable than the options that involve heading in to schools.

Scientists heading into schools tend to do so on their own. Sure they are supported by teachers, but they don't have anyone else in the same position with whom they can share their experience.

Contrast this with the camaraderie that exists around I'm a Scientist: on the site, through twitter and in meet-ups in campus coffee bars.

Already this year the scientists are tweeting about Zone envy, fear of emails from us and the gob-smacking committment from scientists last year.  Have a look through some of the choice things we've already seen for IAS2011. You'll need to click "Load more" at the bottom – there is a lot happening already.

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Ceri · 22nd June 2011 at 9:10 am

I was surprised by one of my ‘live chats’ when no students turned up – the scientists all started discussing a conference one had been to lately, and when the half hour was up, they all decided to carry on in the staffroom, and swapped emails – said it was a great networking opportunity for them, too.

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