Twitter flexes it muscles ironically

In the space of one week Twitter has flexed it muscles and had a significant effect that organisations public and private should wake up to. On Tuesday news came out of the injunction imposed upon the Guardian preventing them from publishing about a Parliamentary Question or even the fact they Read more…

Sucessful new technologies are socially inclusive

I went to see some dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum yesterday.  I was there because TalkWiki had gathered speakers such as Tom Reynolds, who blogs at Random Acts of Reality and others.  One of the others, Peter Kawalek, from Manchester Business School, mentioned a powerful idea almost in passing.  Read more…

Latest News – MPs get to use laptops for now

Steve Webb MP, writes about how he will be breaking new ground in the next few weeks by being allowed to use laptops in committee discussion on the Climate Change Bill. Although the traditionalists will be turning in their graves – and we’ve already been warned not to use our Read more…

Speak up, minister listening.

Tom Watson, blogging MP extraordinaire, was promoted in the Peter Hain aftermath to be a junior minister in the Cabinet Office. According to his blog he has some responsibility for technology projects, which is a good thing because Tom is certainly interested in technology, and he wants to hear from Read more…

Quick, Easy and Fun – BarCampUKGovweb

That’s a fair description of BarCampUKGovweb (although I guess the easy doesn’t apply if you organised – hats off to Jeremy, Emma and co.).

My way of describing BarCamp is that it is a conference without the interminable self-promoting presentations.  It is self-organising to the extent that the agenda can and does change right the way through the day and more time is spent discussing and networking than listening to people tell you things you could have read if they’d been bothered to share it online.

More information about BarCampUKGovweb is on PageFlakes.

I want to use this post to make a few comments about the day and to move the conversation forward.  This is needed because the one frustration I felt about the day was that everytime the discussion was coming round to solutions and actions someone would pop their head around the door and say


Why Web2.0 works – Google Alerts

Jeff Littlejohn uses Google Alerts for his work [and quite possibly on his own name too – hope all is well in Bellingham, WA].  Jeff is interested in Community Development and emailed us the day after the YouCanDo Guides website went live asking a question.  He has a Google Alert Read more…

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