Hi, I’m chief moderator every year, although until the event starts I’m the only one. It’s not too bad, I boss myself about a bit and then sneak off for sly tea breaks when I’m not looking…

I’m mainly doing prep at the moment, except when something’s happening in Dumfries and Galloway (the only council that’s live now). However today I was taken by surprise by a group of young people from Coleraine so keen to engage their local council they were over a week early! To be honest, I think they were just having a nose around, but it was nice to get a bit more practice and check everything’s working as it should.

It was also nice to have time to chat properly with site visitors – once the event is live, I won’t get much time to do that. I think they’ll have some interesting questions for the Coleraine councillors, and they were kind enough to say they’ll recommend me for a raise on the feedback questionnaire!


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