It’s now Saturday afternoon and on Monday morning I’m a Councillor kicks off in 33 councils across the country (Dumfries and Galloway finished yesterday as it is now half term in most of Scotland).

All is quiet now, a few councillors are still to post their manifestos and Sophia is putting the finishing touches on her team of seven moderators. 

But on Monday morning everything will spark into activity.  Councillors who tried to post their manifesto late on Sunday night, but forgot their log in details will be in the phone.  Teachers will call to ask for more access code cards and Elgar Technology College (Worcestershire) have booked the first live chat at 10am.

The two weeks of the event are extremely exciting.  Will the councillors we expect to win get the votes? They did in Dumfries. Which council will register the most students? What anecdotes will we harvest this year?  Every day brings something new and we all learn a bit more about how to get Councillors and Young People talking.

You should drop in and have a look round.  Visit and log in using "guest" for both username and access code.  You’ll then be able to switch between all 33 councils and see e-democracy in action.


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