School children in Wiltshire are to help older people in the county become more familiar with new technology.

Shock horror.  Some positive youth coverage in the media.

Quick Plug:  Tom Gaskin of NorfolkBlurb is leading a session at the Empowerment Symposium on "Young people and eParticipation: X-Factor excitement meets bureaucratic boredom".  He’s asked me to be part of the panel along with a team of young people and youth workers.  We’ll be trying to shake up the conference format a little and see how much the conference grandees are willing to learn from young people.  On the agenda is social networking, media portrayal of youth and whatever the audience brings up on the day.

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Paul Caplan · 18th February 2008 at 1:43 pm

Brilliant who needs us 40-something consultants? Let’s get out of the way or at least get behind and matchmake some good conversations.

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