Having recently dipped my toe into the TwitterWorld (or whatever it is called) my attention (h/t Simon Dickson) was drawn to the new Twitttering from no.10 who then today drew my attention to their new Flickr account.

Personally I’m not sure about Twitter.  I think it is because it is so new that established norms for using it haven’t developed.  Some people use it instead of IM, others for press releases, and some for getting information out and in v quickly.  Some are witty, some are dry.  However it is undeniably very 2008 and so it’s good to see Downing Street start to use it even if it is only for publicising their RSS feeds for now.  I’m sure it will develop.

Also they have finally started to use Flickr, but I’m not sure why.  It’s not as though they have a problem with photo hosting and since they have posted the pictures with all rights reserved they’re not exactly doing the sharing bit.  Surely posting under a creative commons licence that allowed ordinary folk to use the pictures would have been better?


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