Last month, I posted here about international volunteers for I'm a Councillor 2008.

Massive thanks to the five good people who have volunteered already:

• David Bly returns to represent the USA. David represents his local district in the Minnesota House of Representatives. His website is
• Sven Illing, from the city government of Tartu, the second-largest city in Estonia.
• Mariano Rayo Muñoz, who represents the Unionist Party in the National Congress of Guatemala. Thanks go to Renata Avila for her hard work and help in Guatemala.
• Stephan Antuma, who represents the party "Student and City" in Groningen, Netherlands. Stephan studies Law at the University of Groningen. We have the assistance of Stephan thanks to the kind help of Michiel Zijlstra.

We may have another international councillor on board by the end of the week. Fingers crossed!

If you would like regular updates on the international section of our I'm a Councillor event, or would like more information, please contact me at


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