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As part of some work we’ve been looking at election portals from around the world.  We’ve not found as many as we’d like and they are all at a del.icio.us tag in case you’re interested in what we’ve found.  One of the difficulties is that by their very nature the sites are fully functioning for only the short period of an election.  The Canadian Election site is live at the moment.

George in da house

Pressure seems to be building against Mr Galloway.  Martin Linton, MP has proposed an Early Day Motion expressing dismay. Hilary Armstrong MP, Govt. Chief Whip, has started a petition against him. (Hat tip to Tom Watson). However www.revolts.co.uk points out that since Galloway had such a poor record of voting in the House of Commons his participation at Elstree isn’t making much difference.  Difficult to tell if that is the same for his constituency work, Read more…

I’m a Councillor 2006

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be running I’m a Councillor, Get me out of here again this year from Monday 9th to Friday 20th October 2006. Results of our teacher survey carried out at the end of IAC2005 showed that teachers would like to receive notification of the event earlier rather than later. With this in mind we will be sending out Participation Packs at the end of January, which will contain all the Read more…

Celebrity Big Brother

George Galloway has entered the Big Brother house.  Some don’t like it.  George obviously does and thinks it is good for politics.  My first instinct was "Hasn’t he a job to do without spending 3 weeks in the house?", but apparently he is in there to "spread our message".  It seems a risk to me but one worth taking.  I hope he gets the chance to talk politics to a new audience.

Online Diaries?!?

I don’t want to come across all evangelical about blogs, but it is annoying to see the official Electoral Commission report on Election2005 refer to blogs as online diaries.  It will be very difficult to get politicians using blogging as an engagement tool if such influential bodies as the Electoral Commission persist in mis-representing them.

Political Weblog Project

Last night I attended the first seminar given by Tim Ireland of the Political Weblog Project. These seminars aim to convince MPs and their staff of the benefit of producing a weblog.  In short.  MPs should have a weblog for the following reasons: Protect their online presence.  A weblog can ensure top search results for an MP.  Without one a proxy blog or a newspaper might feature more highly in search rankings.  Issue control.  Because Read more…

Your 30 sec ad

Most people are aware of the Electoral Commission’s DoPolitics TV advertising (the pencil drawn characters in the pub, one doesn’t do politics, he just complains).  Whilst working on proposals on Voter Engagement for the May 2006 Local Elections I tried to work out what my 30 sec ad would look like. I wrote a treatment for an ad that focused on how voting does actually change things.  My ad would be: Open the ad with Read more…

The Gallomanor Blog

This blog has been started for three reasons. 1.    It’s about time we kept the Gallomanor site more up-to-date.  We’re doing more and more and telling fewer and fewer people about it.  A blog will be a fairly effortless way of keeping that content flowing. 2.    There are numerous conversations about the community engagement and e-democracy area that I’ve started one to one with people.  I hope I’m not being to presumptuous sharing Read more…

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