Pressure seems to be building against Mr Galloway.  Martin Linton, MP has proposed an Early Day Motion expressing dismay. Hilary Armstrong MP, Govt. Chief Whip, has started a petition against him. (Hat tip to Tom Watson).

However points out that since Galloway had such a poor record of voting in the House of Commons his participation at Elstree isn’t making much difference.  Difficult to tell if that is the same for his constituency work, but the Guardian’s tests indicate his unavailability. They don’t report whether this is any different from normal.

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Brian · 24th January 2006 at 6:00 pm

I don’t like a lot of what George Galloway says and by all accounts he seems somewhat self-serving, slippery and at times sinister.
1. … how any other MPs can call him such names as ‘laughing stock’ and ‘a C-list politician with an A-list ego’ is a tad pot calling the kettle black! Fact is they’re all self-serving, slippery and more than a little sinister!
2. As for the ruse about not being where he ‘should’ be – ie parliament, this is the same lot that reckon an 80 day summer siesta is their worth:
2.1 Also a quick look at the New Labour front bench and we find one Peter Hain … who has attended only 39% of votes in Parliament:
Lord Healey attended the Lords for a sum total of 23 days in 2004!,9061,1334407,00.html
Galloway, whether New Labour like it or not (and seeing as how they don’t like anyone questioning such trivial matters as the war in Iraq too much) without doubt engages in ways Tony and co can only dream of. He speaks his mind and sets his own agenda rather than that of whips, spin-doctors and focus-group-addicted politico-intelligentsia.
The man is a bit of an arse but he’s OUR arse and UK politics would be worse off without him!

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