Ploddledygook:  when the police try to be overly corporate. My favourite was from Lincolnshire Police: "The ambition of Lincolnshire Police is to: focus on the citizen, achieve the highest standards of professionalism, deliver excellent performance and so inspire confidence amongst the people we serve." "Could they have an ambition to Read more…

Cllr2.0 – how do Councillors use the internet to engage?

As part of a Ministry of Justice funded Innovations Fund project, we’re involved in giving a presentation tomorrow to a group of Councillors at Norfolk County Council on the ways that are / could be used to engage with constituents via the internet. Here’s the long list I have at Read more…

Champions in distress

We first got involved with The Scarman Trust a couple of years ago during the development of CampaignCreator.  They were tasked with coaching members of the community on how to campaign and how to use the site.

Since then I’ve got to know them and their work in the South West a little better.  At the moment we’re producing a marketing campaign for a series of guides they have produced to help communities help themselves.

Another cornerstone of their work is in dispersing small grants to creative and energetic members of communities to help with community cohesion.  It is a programme called Community Champions.  Unfortunately the DfES, before it was reorganised, decided to stop funding the programme and The Scarman Trust are working hard to save it.  They have started a petition to save community champions on the Number 10 Downing Street site and I’ve signed it.  I hope you will too.

The petition copy reads:


Nomenclature (or “what we call things”)

Nick Palmer is one of the more online MPs in Westminster.  Nothing too flash but he does write a regular email to 2,399 constituents in Broxtowe, Notts.  This week he talked about the "niceness" of small town America and compared it to Europe: When I lived in  Switzerland, I was Read more…

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