As part of a
Ministry of Justice funded Innovations Fund project, we’re involved in giving a
presentation tomorrow to a group of Councillors at Norfolk County Council on the
ways that are / could be used to engage with constituents via the

Here’s the long list I have at the moment.  Has anyone any suggestions to

Top t’internet ways for Cllrs to engage with constituents:
1. Blog
     a. Personal e.g.
Mary Reid
     b. Group e.g. Maida Vale Conservatives
     c. Corporate
(council run)  Brighton and Hove Councillors
2. Static Website – e.g, VOICE, bespoke build
3. Facebook e.g. Susan

4. email lists e.g
Nick Palmer MP
5. txt lists (OK not internet but digital enough) e.g. Steve
Webb MP

6. MySpace – Steve Webb again
7. Twitter – anyone using
8. I’m a Councillor, Get me out of here! (OK a
little biased but valid)
9. LifeSwap (ditto)
10. email
hotline (e.g. Ask Daniel)
11. Instant Messaging
13. Discussion Boards e.g Issues Forums, TalkSwindon

What else have I missed?  I appreciate that some of these
examples may not be best of class so if you have any suggestions for what is
best that would be helpful.  Please email or leave a comment.

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ShaneMcC · 17th October 2007 at 11:08 am

From Giles by email
* vlogging (eg via YouTube or Vimeo)
* if you’re going to include Twitter, best also mention the Twitter clones like Jaiku and Pownce
* via
* via

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