When twitter can save your life

And many, many other thoughts on the RSA conference:-
THE SOCIAL IMPACT OF THE WEB: Society, Government and the Internet
25th May 2007
RSA, London
I went to this afternoon conference at the RSA a couple of weeks ago and wanted to put down an account of what was said, along with my thoughts, counter-arguments, and of course a plethora of thought-provoking links. I would have written about it earlier, but I’ve been flat out getting teacher packs ready and sending them out for I’m a Councillor. As always here at Gallomanor Towers, our clients (and community engagement) come first!
It was all a bit odd, because some friends of mine had their wedding reception at the RSA last September. So the last time I was there I spent my time drunkenly ceilidh-dancing and telling friends I hadn’t seen in ages how much I loved them. Obviously I tried to keep these activities to a minimum on this visit, as it was on company time.
First session:-

Money and Politics: Illuminating the connection (in CA at least)

MAPLight.org illuminates the connection between money and politics. We shine a light on campaign contributions and show their related legislative outcomes, which leads to a more informed public and election reform. This site uses a rich (please excuse the pun) database of campaign contributions and voting records in the California Read more…

Youtube does politics

YouTube have launched You Choose ’08, a centralised hub for videos by US presidential hopefuls. There’s lot’s of interesting stuff on it. I was particularly struck by the fact that there have been over 1 million views of Barack Obama’s videos, and the next highest is Hillary Clinton with just Read more…

Nick Robinson on the troubled marriage of Politics and Media

Nick Robinson, the BBC’s Political Editor, has published the script of an excellent lecture he gave recently on the troubled relationship between politics and the media. He outlines 5 stages in order to repair the marriage.  It is well worth reading. He quotes Nick Clarke who once said to Alistair Read more…

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