The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed a little extra eye-candy today.  This site now sports a bright yellow button that links through to the page showing how people can get involved in the Local Democracy Campaign.

The aim is to get as many people displaying the button as possible.  You can get the code for it here.  Anyone who cares about local democracy can and should display the button.  Especially any politicians out there with a web presence.

The main aim of the Local Democracy Campaign is to make democracy relevant and useful to young people.  We can achieve this through councils and particularly councillors engaging with young people in their area.  The campaign has lots of different ideas on how councils can do this.

Declaration of interest: I sit on the campaign board helping to guide the LGA (who are the campaign owners) make the campaign bigger and better.  And one of our projects, I’m a Councillor, has been one of the highlights of Local Democracy Week for the last three years.


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