Last week I was invited to speak to a Citizenship Co-ordinators Network event in Bristol.

It was held at a City Learning Centre at Brislington College and the facilities were superb and, judging by the number of students who tried to get into the computer room where we were meeting, the facilities are well used.

I was asked to the meeting by Kate Watson from Bristol’s award-winning consultation team to present I’m a Councillor, as Bristol City Council are running with it again this October. 

Three points I want to make:

1.    It’s good news that Kate has started to talk to teacher’s this far in advance.
2.    It was good news that 3 out of 6 projects that the Bristol team talked about were Gallomanor projects (IAC, LifeSwap and CampaignCreator)
3.    However it was bad news that out of 6 teachers and 10 PGCE students only 1 teacher siad that he was aware of Local Democracy Week as an event.  We at the Local Democracy Campaign have a lot of work to do.

UPDATE:  4th point to be made.  And a very important one.  All the teachers agreed that Teacher Packs for IAC should be sent out before the summer holidays.  The message is be pro-active like Bristol.  Don’t wait until September.


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