Well, that was the busiest day we’ve ever had on IAC, and it was the first day! It’s only going to get busier. The energy of young people faced with a forum like this is a joy to behold, but a bugger to keep up with. The moderators and councillors coped brilliantly, but they were all a bit shell-shocked by the end. In fact we all are. But also very excited about the event this year.

There were some great chats and some great questions. Some of the more memorable remarks from Councillors:-

"It was quite an interesting experience – the questions whirled off the page as soon as they appeared!"
"Try to remember a calculator was modern technology when I was at school!"
"I need to become a computer expert."
"What pink recycling bins? There are black ones and green ones, I don’t know about pink ones!"

And my personal fave from a student:-

"We were excited by the idea of live chat. We have some very interesting things to say in class about systems of government and are particularly interested in the concept of anarchy!"

Which makes a lot of sense when you’ve seen the free-for-all of a live chat!


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