After all the US presidential hopefuls getting into YouTube and MySpace recently, the Labour Party couldn’t be far behind. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Labour Party Channel! There are several clips there from a month ago, but a ‘welcome to the Labour Party Channel’ message from Tony was only put up on Friday. You can watch it below, if I’ve done this right…

Don’t say our blog isn’t bleeding edge…

It’s interesting that Blair stresses how YouTube is unmediated, that people can get a ‘proper idea of what Labour are about’, without being filtered through the media. I think this is a valid point. But, for example, as I mentioned the other week, Hillary Clinton talks about ‘letting the conversation begin’. and how the internet allows two-way communication. This didn’t seem to be a priority for whoever wrote Tony’s script.

The Conservative Party also have a channel – which has been there for a while, but hasn’t had a lot of activity of late. However, Webcameron actually has loads of stuff on and is by far the slickest and most engaging of the political channels I’ve seen. Lesson to Labour and LibDems – static, badly lit talking heads do not make for gripping viewing.

And maybe I don’t regard politics with sufficient gravity, but I thought this Blair YouTube video was far more entertaining than the clip above. Also, searching for more evidence of New Labour 2.0, I discovered that Tony has a MySpace page. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I suspect it might not be the officially approved one…


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