Against my better judgement I watched the Labour Deputy Leadership candidates on Question Time last night.  Apart from understanding why so many are supporting Jon Cruddas – he simply comes across as genuine – the highlight was a member of the audience pulling up Hazel Blears (I think) for saying "after ten years in power" instead of "in Office".

It says volumes about they way many politicians view their position.  Of course we all use the term and it is a natural part of political language but isn’t it a shame that before being elected we hear about public service and after ten years it is about being in power (and trying to remain in power).

Perhaps someone with more skill and time than I could work out the average length of time from their election it takes for a politician to start using "in power".

I was also intrigued by the manner of the six candidates.  Having not followed the contest very closely I’m only slightly aware of who is favourite etc.  Alan Johnson had the air of someone who has already won the contest.  He hardly seemed to be trying, Jon Cruddas was confident without seeming arrogant, Hilary Benn was earnestness in extreme whilst Hazel Blears, and particularly Harriet Harman and Peter Hain left me with an impression they were desperate to please.

A quick look at PoliticalBetting shows I almost guessed right about the order of the betting at least.


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