Richard Brunstrom is the Chief Constable for North Wales.  If you read the Daily Mail (and other seemingly respectable newspapers) Richard Brunstrom is the "Mad Mullah of the Traffic Taliban", a manic obsessive determined to raise revenue through speeding fines, and determined to make criminals out of motorists.

I’ve been following his blog (which is technically appalling) and a different side comes out.  Yes he is focussed on traffic and the reduction of speed, but today’s entry, reporting on how in Flintshire there have been no road-deaths in the last 12 months, gives you an insight into why he is focussed on traffic.  I can’t see the Daily Mail reporting this (and they haven’t).

So through his blog I have a better understanding of the reasons for the North Wales speed policies.  As I drive through in a few weeks on my way to Holyhead I shall drive as carefully under the speed limit as before, but this time I’ll know why they are so keen on stopping me from speeding.


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