Why Police Chiefs should blog…

posted on June 20th 2007 in civic leader blogging with 0 Comments

Richard Brunstrom is the Chief Constable for North Wales.  If you read the Daily Mail (and other seemingly respectable newspapers) Richard Brunstrom is the "Mad Mullah of the Traffic Taliban", a manic obsessive determined to raise revenue through speeding fines, and determined to make criminals out of motorists.

I’ve been following his blog (which is technically appalling) and a different side comes out.  Yes he is focussed on traffic and the reduction of speed, but today’s entry, reporting on how in Flintshire there have been no road-deaths in the last 12 months, gives you an insight into why he is focussed on traffic.  I can’t see the Daily Mail reporting this (and they haven’t).

So through his blog I have a better understanding of the reasons for the North Wales speed policies.  As I drive through in a few weeks on my way to Holyhead I shall drive as carefully under the speed limit as before, but this time I’ll know why they are so keen on stopping me from speeding.

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