Google Analytics provides a wealth of information, but for most of our projects the map of where the visitors come from is very skewed towards the UK, US and Australia.  Apart from one project that is…



The map for the DFID blogs has truly international footprint.  Since the blogs started visitors have come from 137 countries.  We have a gap in west africa and parts of South America.  Kazahkstan has refused to visit but apart from that coverage is absolutely amazing.

It’s not altogether surprising.  International Aid by it’s nature is in almost every country either as a donor or recipient.  I’m delighted that the bloggers we’ve coached have managed to capture such as widespread audience.  And the best is still to come.

A new set of bloggers are working their way towards posting.  Already Colum Wilson has set the scene for a visit to Chad (one of the gaps in the map) and the quality of writing coming through is superb.  Keep watching that space…


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