I received this email this morning from BusinessLink:

From: alerts@businesslink.gov.uk
Sent: 09 July 2007
To: shane@gallomanor.com
Subject: Business Link has an
improved registration system – please upgrade

Dear registered user

As we add new interactive services to our website, we upgrade our security
framework to ensure your information is always safe. We recently introduced a
new registration system with increased security:

upgrade your account

The process will take under five minutes. Have a pen and paper ready to
record your new details.

Thank you for using our website.
The Business Link team


Other actions

Follow this
link to log in

this link to see our recently updated Privacy policy

Follow this
link to cancel email alerts


Do you think they tried especially hard to make it look like a phishing attack?

"Dear registered user"    –    If I am a registered user
why don’t you know my name?
"Please upgrade your account"   
–    Why hide the link?  Let it be seen so we can trust
"The Business Link
team"    –    No name.  Why not?  What are you hiding?

The irony is that it is a genuine attempt to get me to upgrade to the secure Government Gateway system, but it does look as though BusinessLink have based their email style on some rather dodgy emails.


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