Last Thursday I went back to school.  The teacher for the evening was Steve Johnston, Google Consultant.  He was giving a one-off presentation on how to make Google Love Your Website in order to raise money for St Laurence School (which his 3 kids attend, and mine probably will in a few years time).


Steve’s a compelling and knowledgeable speaker who made the 3 hours fly by in a whirlwind of facts and tips about how Google provides search results.

Top Fact:   20 – 25% of search expressions on Google each day have never searched for before

Top Tip:   Title tags and Meta Description data is the most visible part of your site – it is what appears on Google.

I’ve started on this blog.  The page title is now Creating Community Conversations as opposed to gallomanor.

The only downside of sitting through the presentation was the length of the list of small little things that you could do to improve the Google performance of your site.  However the upside was remembering that the sites we produce are far more interesting than what your average retailer gets to deal with.


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