The Obama08 campaign doesn’t stop amazing me.  Today Michelle Obama emailed me to show me a video (shared via YouTube of course) from The Bronx High School for Performance and Stagecraft in a tough part of the Bronx (are there wimpy parts of the Bronx??).

The video is incredibly natural.  The teacher in his fetching argyle jumper speaks from the heart, the students are articulate and straightforward.  There is a slight discontinuity because Obama isn’t at the school, but the students watch a recording of a speech and the two are intercut.  Overall though it is great.

It gets better though.  On the Obama08 site where the video is embedded the team have used an email importer so that you can load your webmail contacts or simply paste their address en bloc and send them the video.  Purists may have issue with security issues, but the simplicity and lack of hurdles make the process very simple and probably effective.


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