Screenhunter__20080710_172103 Sokwanele, a Civic Action Support Group in Zimbabwe, has used Twitter to bring a Flickr group of pictures to the attention of the Prime Minister via his Web team at 10 Downing Street.

The pictures are powerful.

Sokwanele are using lots of Web2.0 tools to bring their message to a wider audience.  They use Flickr, a blog, a website, newsletters, video and Twitter.  They’re using as many channels as possible.

Yesterday we were discussing in the office who to try and get to take part in the International section of I’m a Councillor.  Sophia wanted someone from the MDC to highlight the issues in Zimbabwe similar to as we did last year with Myo Thein from Burma.  I preferred to try and find someone from Kenya as the resolution of the political violence there would be a more positive story.

Maybe someone from Sokwanele would be ideal.  Any thoughts?


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