Rosie23 years and 11 months ago I wrote this post advertising for an Project Executive to join the team.

A certain Rosie Schultz answered the advert, and one telephone interview later she joined Gallomanor and the I’m a Scientist team on January 4th 2011.

In those years we’ve seen a transformation in the company. We went from just the two of us in our Bradford on Avon offices to a stellar team of five working out of the centre of Bath.

The event has gone from a 20 zones a year minnow to a 60 zone a year international set of events with a wide range of funders. We gone from fumbling around trying to work out what to do, to a highly efficient outreach operation.

And now, four short years later, Rosie is moving on.

All of us at Gallomanor are sad to see her go, but she is leaving us in great shape.

So this event is her last IAS, but she is hanging on for one more Gallomanor Christmas lunch before starting at Sustrans in January.

We wish her well and, Rosie, you are always welcome here.

*We will be recruiting, but first we need to work out an internal readjustment.


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