I'm back in the hotel having brought together 50 bloggers from around the world to gain access to the G20 Summit in the morning.  Today, Wednesday, whilst protests took place around the City of London those 50 bloggers met for the first time, listened to each other and discussed what they thought were the important issues for the Summit.

The day as fantastic.  We ran it as a kind of Barcamp where participants introduced themselves and were encouraged to lead discussions on their areas of interest.  Keynote speakers were followed by round table discussions led by the bloggers.  Other bloggers took time out to blog, to take photos, conduct interviews and be interviewed by a variety of media such as the BBC World Service, Al-Jazeera TV and Voice of America.

I'm exhausted and have a 5am start.  Go to www.g20voice.org, www.twitter.com/g20voice or Search Google


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