That's right, get your popcorn ready (although you'll need to eat it quite quickly). We've made a short film about the event, to help show people what it's like.

A council officer who was briefing her councillors before the event once said to me, 'I'm a Councillor is a great idea, and really simple, but sometimes when you try to explain it it starts sounding really complicated'. Hopefully this film will make it much easier to explain to people, and it gets across the excitement of young people in the classroom, and of councillors and teachers too!

*If you can't see the film (usually because YouTube is blocked by your council servers) then get in touch and we'll send you a DVD.

*If you'd like to sign up for more info then click here and give us your details.

The young people we filmed were really lovely. During the live chat shown in the film, they were teasing the teacher about putting on make-up and doing her hair specially. But then they confided to me online that 'Miss looks really nice actually'.

The video was filmed by Catherine Seymour and Mark Barrs at St Peter's School in Guildford and editted by Katie Barlow.


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