Principia_mission_logoLater this year Tim Peake is due to travel to the International Space Station. It’s the first time the UK has sent someone into space. It’s pretty damn exciting. It’s a major opportunity for engaging people with STEM and space in general.

At GM Towers we’ve often discussed how to make our I’m a Scientist Zones more topical to help teachers connect the themes to things happening in the real world outside the classroom. So the Principia mission and grant scheme was a opportunity to grab. The scheme is funded by the UK Space Agency and supported by the European Space Agency.

We put forward a proposal called I’m an Astronaut, Get me out of here but we’ve made the focus about the support team, about the people who get the astronaut into space and make their time in orbit useful. There will be four rounds and the winning Astro Support Team member from each round goes into a final round where they join Tim in a Live Chat with the school from their round which gets nominated to chat with our astronaut.

It promises to be a very interesting event that will draw in even more teachers to our projects. But strategically it is important to verify that we can spin out additional events quickly and efficiently. Time will tell.



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