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posted on December 6th 2005 in Gallomanor with 1 Comments

This blog has been started for three reasons.

1.    It’s about time we kept the Gallomanor site more up-to-date.  We’re doing more and more and telling fewer and fewer people about it.  A blog will be a fairly effortless way of keeping that content flowing.

2.    There are numerous conversations about the community engagement and e-democracy area that I’ve started one to one with people.  I hope I’m not being to presumptuous sharing them with everyone.

3.   I need to put my money where my mouth is.  Having encouraged politicians of various levels to start blogging I guess I should be blogging myself, even if this is just a corporate blog. 

If I manage a weekly entry I’ll be happy.  There’ll be a mixture of posts about engagement, democracy, the work Gallomanor does, the work other people do in the area, and some general posts that I can’t foresee today.  Please feel free to comment but as it is a blog for Gallomanor not myself then I may be a little strict with what stays up so please be constructive with any criticism.

Thank you and enjoy.

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  • Andrew Brown

    commented on 18th January 2006 at 4:23 pm

    Welcome to the ‘sphere (or whatever we’re supposed to call it), and ta for the link.


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