…which almost never last past January. Instead I’ve got a new job, working full time for Gallomanor, which means changing nearly everything in my life, so who needs resolutions to create change?

I’ve been freelancing for Gallomanor off and on for three years. My main job during that time has been working as a TV producer, making science programmes. I’ve had a lot of fun working in telly (although, tbh, there’s been a surprising amount of standing in muddy fields in the cold and other glamour-free activities) but it is, well, kind of pointless most of the time. Everything everyone says about dumbing down and TV commissioning editors patronising the audience is completely true. Haha, I can be as rude about the tabloid-chasing, coke-snorting, hoxton fin-sporting, vacuous tossers as I like now!

Anyway, I decided that I cared much more about engaging young people with local democracy than making TV programmes and that I love working for Shane (he’s intelligent! He really cares about what he’s doing! It’s really not like telly…). So I talked Shane into giving me a full time job. This does mean I’m PAYE for the first time in six years, and I’ve had to move from Edinburgh to Somerset, which is all a bit scary, but random challenges make life fun (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself). Also, the office here is dead cold, and I’m starting to suspect that Shane is easier to work from 600 miles away, but hey you have to take the rough with the smooth…

So, I’d like to say, a very happy New Year to all of you, many of our clients will have ‘met’ me already through I’m a Councillor, so hello to those I know, greetings to those I don’t and I hope we all enjoy working together. Wish me luck!

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Jane Cotton · 28th January 2007 at 3:26 pm

Spending a cold Sunday looking at other Scottish Council websites (I’m in Moray) and came across all the good stuff on Gallomanor. Noted comments about engaging YP’s in democracy. Councillors up here seemed reluctant to try and learn about the new STV voting system coming up in local elections in May, so here at Youthstart we commissioned our young webdesigner – Chris Thornton – to come up with an online teaching aid which could be promoted through schools and youth groups. This way the YP’s could teach the oldies!
See the result at http://www.youthstart.org/STV. Please feel free to use it as it stands. There will be CD’s if you need them and the whole thing can be rebadged to another organisation (at a cost of course!)Would be delighted to receive your comments. Meanwhile will have a closer look at your CampaignCreator which I think could be very useful to us during 2007
Jane Cotton
Information and Network Support Officer

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