Trinity Arts Centre, Bristol
Sat 31st March

We will be putting on a show at The Scarman Trust South West’s ‘Increase the Peace’ gala day and benefit gig (go here and you can download the flyer from top right – I know the link seems to be saying ‘CONGRATULATIONS October 3’, but when you open it, it is the flyer for the event).

The daytime event has workshops, dance and storytelling and, err, us. We’re giving away *£150* to fund a community activity, ‘cos we’re so nice. Instead of us just deciding who the money will go to (as that wouldn’t be very participative), we’re running an event called ‘The Weakest Think’ where the audience and contestants between them get to decide where the money goes. On the day we’ll ask for submissions, and 5 hopefuls picked out of a hat will explain their idea and answer questions. There’ll be three rounds of contestants voting off ‘the weakest think’ and then the audience has the final say.

Hopefully it will be a co-operative (and transparent) method of decision-making. Possibly even funny. The woman who was going to be presenting it dropped out, but someone else from The Scarman Trust has stepped in at the last minute. I’m quite disappointed, I was looking forward to Shane in a ginger wig. Don’t you think some photos would brighten the blog up a bit?

But anyway, if you’ve got any bright ideas of community-building stuff you want £150 for, then get yourself down there.

The evening bit (9pm-2am) is more of a benefit gig type thing. There are lots of people playing at it, although sadly no Billy Bragg, so what’s the point of a benefit gig without St Billy*? I’ve never heard of any of the people who are playing, but young people might have. And anyway, the Scarman Trust are cool, and who wouldn’t want to ‘increase the peace’?

*Disclaimer: Personal opinion only. This may not reflect the view of Gallomanor Communications Ltd. Well, OK, so it totally doesn’t. Shane does not appreciate the genius of the Bard of Barking, preferring instead the over-blown faux-Irish posturing of the Saw Doctors. Yes, I know, criminal, isn’t it?


ShaneMcC · 30th March 2007 at 11:22 am

There is nothing faux-Irish about the Saw Doctors. Perhaps you just don’t like the way they can hold a tune?

Sophia Collins · 30th March 2007 at 1:25 pm

I wasn’t commenting on their technical nationality, more the authenticity of their musical presentation. Perhaps ‘contrived’, ‘hammed up’, or indeed ‘Oirish’ would have been a better adjectives to use. My apologies for my linguistic inexactitude.
As for singing in tune, what are you, some kind of musical fascist.

ShaneMcC · 2nd April 2007 at 1:01 pm

It seems St Billy didn’t come because he was otherwise engaged:
Thanks you Sandwell.

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