I’m a late comer to the BarCamp concept.  In fact I don’t really know what I’m letting myself in for, but the reviews are good and people have encouraged me to join in what is promised to be an invigorating day of unstructured presentation, comment and discussion.

The idea is to bring together Government "webbies", like the lead organiser Jeremy Gould, and some of the more innovative thinkers and (hopefully) doers working in the sector.  Over 100 people have signed up ranging from Worthing Borough Council to HM Treasury and from single person consultantancies to PA Consulting.  It looks like a great crowd with many that I want to catch up with.

The idea is that everyone has a chance to present and to contribute and the idea is to keep the day flexible.  I hoping to get a chance to generate some discussion about how social media can help Govt and politicians engage with people.  I hope to get a better understanding of the barriers that they face in doing so.

Although the event is now full it’s worth keeping an eye on the wiki and perhaps joining the BarCampUKGovweb GoogleGroup


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