22_dinnerThe Obama08 campaign have always made a big deal out of the fact that they raise all their funds from ordinary citizens whereas Clinton and McCain have taken millions of dollars from lobbyists and political action committees.

The latest sales promotion that the Obama campaign are using is the chance to have dinner with the candidate himself.  And a nice dinner too by the looks of it.

Also very powerfully they are using personal stories from those who have already dined with him:

"It was an awesome experience — Barack spent hours talking to us,
and at the dinner table he was just like any other guy. It really felt
like somebody invited friends over for dinner and good conversation.

My dad is a paralyzed vet, and his health care costs are huge, so I
talked to the Senator about how he planned to provide for our veterans.
He gave a thoughtful, detailed answer, and I could tell that taking
care of our veterans was a big concern to him.

But we didn’t just talk about politics. He talked about his
children, and his wife, and how much he misses his family when he’s on
the road. And those of us with children shared stories about our
families, too. He was a funny guy, and there was a good amount of
joking around. All in all, it was a great conversation.

Ever since the dinner, I’ve remained active in the campaign. I was
the precinct captain for my neighborhood here in Fernley, Nevada, and
we won our caucus. I also went to the county convention, and we won
there too.

I’m grateful to have been a part of this, because I know that beyond
winning an election, we’re also changing the way politics works in this

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Sadly this wouldn’t be possible in the UK.  Unless the rules have changed from my Sales Promotion days on a game of chance like this promotion you need to state that no purchase is necessary.  That might suppress donations!


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