I think it is fair to say that Capita have had some issues with PR. Whether it is being called C(r)apita or like when a friend joined them recently it was widely talked about going to “the dark side“.

You would have thought that they might try to be a bit warmer face-to-face.

It seems not.

Tonight I went to pick up my daughter from Guides. She’d been visiting the Foodbank on Church Street in Trowbridge.  I went to park in the car park opposite. It was full. Then I noticed an office car park sitting almost empty. I drove in and waited five minutes. You don’t want to pick up early. Not cool.

I thought there was a chance the one parked car would be leaving and might lock the chain, but decent people would wait the couple of minutes I was going to be. Sure enough I was back within two minutes and the car was still there.

However in the two minutes it took me to cross the road, walk into the foodbank and emerge with my daughter someone had chosen to lock the chain across the carpark entrance. Nice warm hearted Capita.

According to Sam, the security guard who had chosen to lock me and my daughter in, they have problems with people parking overnight. According to Sam they had a clear sign warning that the gate would be closed. According to Sam it the policy to lock cars in.

But Capita, if you care about your parking, wouldn’t it be better if you told your security guards to close the car park before people parked. Wouldn’t it be better if you put up a new sign in a visible position. Wouldn’t it be better if your security guard approached someone parking and asked them to move. If you care about your community, wouldn’t it better if you waited ten minutes or an hour to see if they really were planning to park overnight instead or watching on CCTV for the moment they got out of the car. Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t make a Dad stand outside with their young daughter in the rain.

Capita, you have a reputation as a cold, uncaring company. In Trowbridge you are backing up that reputation with actions. It’ll take more than corporate PR and adverts to get people to like and trust you. it will take actions.


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