Sciencewise People's Choice Award

Sophia and I put on our glad-rags yesterday and went to the Institute of Electrical Engineers for the Sciencewise-erc Awards dinner.  We were there to pick up the People’s Choice award as voted for by you the public.  Actually, the reality is that the teachers and scientists who took part in the pilot voted for it.  We simply sent out one email and wrote one blog post asking for help.  One scientist said she was going to set up a Facebook page to encourage people to vote for us.

The result was that we won by an “overwhelming” margin and were able to pick up a lovely glass trophy and certificate to parade on the train back west.

More can be found on the imascientist blog.

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Feargal Hogan · 20th February 2009 at 11:45 am

Why isn’t Shane in the photo?
Or is it just that it’s difficult to recognise him in a suit?
Well done you lot!

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