Conversation happen where the people are

posted on May 1st 2009 in Engagement & News with 1 Comments

FacebookI’m often advising councils that conversations happen in the community and they can’t force them to happen where they want them to happen.

We’ve suffered from this in the past couple of days.  Having posted a 3 minute video about I’m a Councillor on YouTube we were keeping our fingers crossed for a few people to leave a comment about how fab it was before promoting it to a wider audience.  We sent the link to a few key people including Chris Ward the councillor who appears in it.  Chris did the right thing and promoted the video on his Facebook page and sure enough the comments started flying in.  On his Facebook page.

Not really a surprise as people were never going to click from Facebook to YouTube to leave a comment for our sake, but a useful reminder that conversations happen where the people are and not where you might want them too.

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  • Becky Rowe

    commented on 15th May 2009 at 11:54 am

    Love this point and something anyone trying to run a ‘consultation’ should heed.


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