It's busy.  Very, very busy at the moment.

We're in the finishing straight for the phase I redevelopment of the I'm a Scientist website. You can see how it looks at  There are still some rough edges but I hope you'll be blown away by what the team have managed.  I'll write more, a lot more about the process, the team and the change that moving to WordPress has involved.

We're also continuing the blog coaching programme and Griff and Mary (and it's reading Griff's advice to our DFID bloggers about posting frequently that gives me the impulse to pen this brief update) have been handling the day-to-day on this and it is so great to work with such brilliant professionals.  More needs to be written on this.

Our NorfolkHomePage project is gaining momentum.  On March 23rd we are launching the phase II in Great Yarmouth.  I tried to give the folks at LocalGovCamp a flavour of what we are doing and the obstacles we are facing as we try to roll out – again a post or two about the project and coming to earth in Diss are required.

So getting invited to attend the Alliance of Youth Movements Summit in London tomorrow couldn't have come at a better time! Our EVO project brought the summit to my attention back in January and I was delighted to hear that Sam Graham Felsen, one of the G20Voice bloggers (oh and he was Obama's campaign "blogger"), is now the Director of Strategy and Communications for AYM. It should be a chance to catch up with again.  Yes, I'll write about the day.


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