A couple of months ago I wrote how I was disappointed about the lack of ambition in the science communication world. Things move quickly. First the ScienceIsVital campaign has emerged and I've been lucky enough to be able to help and advise on that. The second thing is that the lovely* Wellcome Trust are hosting an afternoon workshop to explore how the internet can be used for more than blogging.

On October 20th we are bringing a group of scientists, science communicators & science policy-wonks together with some of the best developers and strategists in the e-gov world.

With the help of the wonderful Paul Clarke we've got 8 excellent folk to come and work with the science community to start planning solutions to some of the problems that they face.

There is more over at the Beyond Blogging site but I just want to namecheck the magnificent seven + 1 here:

Evan Harris

Jack Thurston

Jeni Tennison

Jonathan Raper

Paul Clarke

Richard Pope

Sam Smith

Steph Gray




*it's not actually a condition of any grant to refer to them as lovely, but we like to do it anyway.


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