On the afternoon of September 8th Dr Jenny Rohn set something off that has developed into something beyond her expectations. The Science Is Vital campaign has gone from 0-35,000 supporters in a very short time with almost zero resources. Richard Grant and I have tried to give you some of the narrative in the presentation below. You'll see the major milestones and how the campaign stats develop over time. As I've said in the speaker notes you can see if you view on SlideShare this is purely from a digital engagement perspective and there are currently untold stories from media and political sides.

After writing a post advising the campaign what they should do I bought them the domain and hosted the website and mailing list for them. I've also got involved, helping out with copywriting, strategy, organisational and emotional support. I went to the rally with my 6 year old daughter and dragged my MP to the lobby.
Science Is Vital has consumed an enormous amount of energy and time over the last 6 weeks. In the end seeing how getting a community activated can make a real difference to that community and in the future the country has made it all worthwhile.
It took me 15 minutes and 2 tweets to find the Speaker Notes on SlideShare so I guess I should show you.  If you want to read the "Speech" then view the presentation on SlideShare – beneath the presentation you'll see (if you look really carefully) a comments tab and next to that a "Speaker Notes" tab. Click on speaker notes.


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