Last Thursday was exactly a year since Sophia and I presented our plans for I'm a Scientist to the Society Award Grants Committee at the lovely Wellcome Trust. It felt appropriate that exactly 365 days (almost to the minute) we should start a presentation at the Science Council about how the first year had gone.

Along with the project evaluator, Kate Pontin and Imaging Zone winner, Prof Stephen Curry, Sophia and I took the audience of Learned Society education manager through the project to date. Below you'll see the Prezi presentation that we used for part of the session.

It was very useful for us. As usual it is very easy to get caught up in your own world. A quick show of hands told us though that only half the audience had heard of the event before being invited to the Science Council presentation. Only half of a core audience for us. The good news was that even the half that hadn't heard before were really interested.

Watch this space.



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