We're hiring again.

We're calling the job Project Executive and the role is to make our projects happen and to help us improve them.

We want someone who is organised, very web-literate, passionate about democracy and engagement.  Someone who is curious and pays attention to detail (curious and attentive enough to have read this post and now knows to mention what their favourite music is in their application letter).  The ideal person will also possess a fine sense of humour.

We're looking for someone to be based in our Bradford on Avon offices and will consider flexible hours for the right candidate.

We're offering £15,000 pa and are looking for someone to start in January.

To apply please send a letter explaining why you're the bees-knees for the job and a CV to work@gallomanor.com. Closing date is 21/12/2010, but get your application in early as a fab candidate might get appointed before then.

Finally, if you're looking for a few tips for applying then check the feedback we gave to those who applied last year - https://gallomanor.com/2010/01/workgallomanor-thank-you.html


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