We interviewed three excellent candidates for the new Project Wrangler role on Decipher my Data (#iasdata) yesterday.

More about who'll be joining us soon (they'll be writing their introduction), but this post is about some short feedback for those who applied but didn't get to interview.

The quality of candidates was impressive. Lots of good degrees, lots of excellent extra-curricular activity, lots of good covering letters.  The people we interviewed stood out for various reasons. One included examples of her student magazine writing and showed a little bit of design flair on her CV. Another stood out with a lovingly crafted cover letter in whch every word had been written for us. The third had additional experience above and beyond the other applicants.

The one piece of feedback that I'd give is that when applying for a job write something that gets your personality across. Don't write something that you think the HR department of ICI (a defunct British bureaucracy from the last century) might have written. Don't write as a corporation to apply for a company trying to engage young people.

Just one example:

"I'm writing in support of an application for a position on your team as part of the 'I'm a Scientist, Decipher my Data! project' at Gallomanor"


"I'm a Scientist, please employ me"

Guess who got the interview.



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