Hi, I’m Katie one of the ‘project wranglers’ at Gallomanor. The last 6 months have literally flown by and as we’re getting ready for a two week summer break, we thought it’d be good to have a little look back…

Back in March we ran both I’m a Scientist, and I’m an Engineer, making the spring a very busy time. It was the first time we’ve run I’m an Engineer and it seemed to go down really well with both the students, teachers and engineers. Hopefully, with a bit of funding luck, it’ll be back next year. We also ran out of copies of the Drugs in Sport debate kit, sending out nearly 2,000 debate kits to teachers around the UK.

The summer has been ever busier. We ran two ‘I’m a Scientist’ events back-to-back in June and an extended 11 week long (!) event: I’m a Scientist, In the Zone, with scientists researching the mind and body in motion. On top of that Shane set up a public debate on GM Food, which generated lots of healthy discussion.

To celebrate the end of the year and catch up with everyone London based, we set off for the UCL local ‘Jeremy Bentham’ for some cheeky drinks. It was great to see lots of familiar faces and a few new ones. Fun was had by all…


After such an intense six months, it’s definitely time for a holiday! Rosie’s hiking Ben Nevis, Shane’s here and there, I’m (Katie) off to have fun at Shambala festival, and Emily (the latest recruit) is off to do… nothing. But don’t worry we’ll be back in September, and there’s lots to look forward to!

Next term we’ll be running I’m a Scientist in Ireland and launching a new and improved version of Decipher my data! Flu. Till then, have a good summer!


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