Now that Autumn is in full swing, we thought it time for a little Gallomanor update.

The office has fully recovered from the summer holiday productivity lull and we’ve been hard at work evaluating previous projects and planning new ones.

To make sure we and others can learn from previous events Rosie’s had the unenviable task of evaluating I’m a Engineer, I’m a Scientist, Drugs in Sport Debate Kit and is about to finish the I’m a Scientist, In the Zone evaluation (phew!). Shane’s also finished evaluating the GM Food event we ran in June.

The evaluation reports will be published on a brand new ‘About I’m a Scientist’ site where we’ll be posting interesting project news.

We’ve also launched the second season of ‘Decipher my data – Flu!’ Teachers have started sending in consent forms and entering data. For the project to work there really needs to be a flu peak so it’s case of watching and waiting.

Next events…

In November there’ll be two new events. We’re running the first ever I’m a Scientist event in Ireland! with 15 Irish scientists and nearly 40 schools from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

We’re also running an event for teachers who have taken part in previous I’m a Scientist events. There’s a big biology theme with Genes, Cells and Cancer Zones. We’re asking scientists in the Cancer Zone to get on board the Movember wagon and don/grow a tash. Scientists back in the March I’m a Scientist event upped their game by sporting tashes and we loved it!


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