Hi! I’m Angela, the exotic member of Gallomanor Communications. As exotic as paella can get.

I studied Pharmacy knowing that I would end up in a lab. I finally put on my white coat at the Spanish National Centre for Cancer Research, where I completed my PhD.

During this time I realised that with the narrow focus on a particular protein it is all too easy to forget to share my passion for science with people that have not experienced it. As a result of this, I started writing about science online and I opened my own science blog conCIENCIAdos (only in Spanish, sorry!). A little bit later, and together with a group of scientists and artists, I founded Escuelab, an association to bring science to the schools in Madrid through interactive workshops and video animations.

Right after defending my thesis I moved to Bristol in order to take UWE’s Postgraduate Course on Practical Science Communication. One of my first days in the UK I came to Bath and had a cup of tea with Shane. He made an offer I couldn’t refuse and almost 6 months later, here I am, working on I’m a Scientist, I’m an Engineer and Science Debate Kits at Gallomanor Communications, and enjoying every bit of it.


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