After an initial hiccup with the printing, the IAC 2007 information packs are now done. They look great, if I do say so myself. So information packs are now ready, for councils who are interested in taking part. Get in touch with me on 01225 869413, or if you would like one, or you have any questions about the event.

The leaflets are also online here.

Act Now!

If you are council officer reading this, can I exhort you to get in touch sooner rather than later. I know October seems a long time away, but all our experience suggests that the key to success is contacting teachers early. I’ve been speaking to a lot of teachers recently, to find out how we can improve the event for them, and every one says they plan for next year in the Summer term and want to get information about the event in May or June.

And our most successful councils last year (like the mighty Middlesbrough, who wore our moderators out!) also talked to teachers early. Although I think if all our councils were like Middlesbrough the mods would kill me, so maybe I should keep my big mouth shut…


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