There’s still several months to go before Local Democracy Week and the final deadline for signing up for I’m a Councillor, Get me out of Here!, but we’ve got a record-breaking 24 councils signed up so far – a lot of them returners from last year, who we’re glad to have back.

It tends to go a bit quieter now, for a couple of months – schools in Scotland and Northern Ireland have broken up already, schools in England and Wales are about to – until a rush of new sign ups after the summer holidays. And of course there’s certain people (hello Alan!) who we know will be phoning us on the 10th of September to make the deadline with a minute to spare, but as they are such loves we forgive them.

Councils already signed up for I’m a Councillor 2007

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
Bury Metropolitan Borough Council
Caerphilly County Borough Council
Cambridge City Council
Canterbury City Council
Cherwell District Council
City & County of Swansea
Colchester Borough Council
Congleton Borough Council
Coventry City Council
Craigavon Borough Council
Dumfries & Galloway Council
Mansfield District Council
Middlesbrough Borough Council
Mole Valley District Council
Newry and Mourne District Council
Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
Oxford City Council
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
Shropshire County Council
Spelthorne Borough Council
Teesdale District Council
Vale of Glamorgan Council
Waverley Borough Council

If you’re a teacher (especially of citizenship) or youth participation worker in one of these council areas, you can look forward to two weeks of getting your young people talking to councillors, influencing local politics and having fun. If you live in other council areas, you can’t. Yet. I reckon you should get onto your council and hassle them about why they aren’t involved (Do they hate democracy? Don’t they care about young people?). But don’t tell them I sent you.


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