I’ve now finished writing up the I’m a Councillor 2007 evaluation report (which you can download from our website). It’s been fascinating looking in detail at the feedback and the questions that were asked. Although of course I was there for the whole event, while it’s on I’m caught up in organising everything. It’s great to get down to the nitty-gritty of what young people and councillors say to each other, and what they got out of it.

Reading the report hopefully gives you a great sense of what the event’s really like and ‘the big picture’ of the how the event went this year, across the country. And if you’re thinking of taking part in 2008 it may help you to plan for next year. Returning councils usually find they get more out of the event the second year, because they’ve learnt a lot from organising it once. The evaluation report is one way for all councils to short-circuit that and learn from each other’s experiences, and that’s one big reason we produce it.

Key points in this year’s report:-

  • 50% of young people visited the site in their own time, after being introduced to it at school
  • Event busier than ever
  • Clear dividend for returning councils

The report also contains:-

  • How did the busiest councils do it? – Case studies from successful councils
  • Feedback from young people, councillors, teachers and council officers
  • Outcomes from last year

Hope you enjoy it! The information packs for the 2008 event will be printed in January, and we’ll send those out to you then if you’re interested. And if you have colleagues who would want a copy, get them to email me and I will add them to my list.


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