A supermarket trolley has a mind of it’s own."

This little gem was provided by Cllr Richard Brodie from Dumfries and Galloway Council in a Live Chat this afternoon on www.bigvote.org.uk.  He also provided us with a couple of poems which I’m sure he won’t mind being published here:

Dalbeattie, Dalbeattie is a fine old town
But something about it is getting me down
There’s little to do at weekend and night
So give us a Councillor who will put things right


There was a young lad from Dalbeattie
Who went round spraying graffiti
Poor old Davie Street
Was covered head to feet
And the town hall looked like Tahiti

all this and conversation with about 30 students on topics as diverse as the new smoking age, the drinking age, what to do in Dalbeattie and improving relations between the police and young people.


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