I’m a Councillor preparations are steaming ahead. I’m just finishing the text of the teacher’s packs, ready to send off to the designers and then the printers. Lots of fact-checking and arguing with Shane about whether long-winded, chatty stories (me) or terse, numbered lists (Shane) are the easiest way to get across information.

He’s left on a week’s holiday now, so I’m going to write a 100,000 word novel about an inspiring teacher who turns that inner-city school around through the magic of I’m a Councillor, and send that to everyone instead of the normal briefing notes and lesson plans. Shhh, don’t tell him.

Anyway, 1st deadline for signing up is 31st May – one week from today. If you make that then we’ll send out your teacher’s packs on 11th June, giving you enough time to get them to teachers before the summer holidays. Of course councils can still sign up after this (up to 10th Sept) but you’ll probably get your teacher’s packs in September. So sign up quick!


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